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Caraway belongs to the Umbelliferae family such as coriander, and is native to Europe and northern and western Asia. It is cultivated in the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Austria, England, Spain, Russia, Morocco, Egypt. Its seeds are elongated and slightly...

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Cassia, also known as Chinese Cinnamon, belongs to the Lauraceae family such as cinnamon and it originates from China. It is cultivated in Malabar, on the island of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia, Vietnam. Its reddish-brown bark is rough...

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The clove plant belongs to the Myrtaceae family and comes from the Moluccas islands in eastern Indonesia. Most  production comes from Zanzibar, Indonesia, Madagascar,  Comores Islands, Brazil and China. The spice is made up o flowers buds picked before...

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Coriander, like caraway spice, belongs to the Umbelliferae family from  the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries. It is grown in Eastern European countries (Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria), North Africa (Morocco and Egypt) and also in Holland, France, Italy,...

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Cumin is a biennial aromatic plant belonging to the  Umbelliferae family such as Parsley or Egypitan and Asian Celery. It is grown and exported mainly from India, Syria, Turkey, Morocco. Its seeds are elongated and slightly flattened, yellowish brown...

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Turmeric, like ginger, belongs to the Zingiberaceae family and is grown natively in southern Asia and India. This state is the largest producer and consumer of turmeric; it is also cultivated in southern China, Africa, Brazil and Central America....

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In India – the country of origin – it is called “masala”. The term generally means all the curry seasonings used to prepare vegetables, fish or meat, served with rice or bread. Depending on different tastes and master chefs...

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Fenugreek (Greek Hay)

Fenugreek  belongs to the  Fabaceae family and is native to western Asia and northern Africa. It is cultivated in India, Egypt, Morocco and southern France. Its leaves look like those of clover, its seeds are diamond-shaped and yellowish brown...

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Fennel belongs to the Umbelliferae family, such as coriander and cumin, and is native to the Mediterranean area. The main producing countries are India, China, Indonesia, Egypt and Pakistan. Its most used parts  are the leaves of the basal...

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Juniper Berries

Juniper belongs to the Cupressaceae family. It is an evergreen shrub with prickly and needle-like leaves. Its fruit, called berries, are green cones when immature and turn blue black after two years of maturation time. Juniper grows wild in...

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