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Juniper Berries

(Juniperus communis)

Junipers – Ingl., Wacholder – Ted., Genévrier– Fr, Juniperus – Sp., Можжеве́льник - Russ.

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Juniper belongs to the Cupressaceae family. It is an evergreen shrub with prickly and needle-like leaves. Its fruit, called berries, are green cones when immature and turn blue black after two years of maturation time. Juniper grows wild in Europe, Asia and North America, typically in mountainous areas. Italian berries are the best in flavour.

Collection of juniper berries. This work is performed by hand and with the usual tools like in the past.

Our offer includes:

Whole juniper berries, crushed juniper, ground juniper.

Food Composition

Sugars, tannins, flavonoids, bioflavonoids, flavones, diterpenes, waxes and resins.
Up to 2% of essential oils rich in alpha-and beta-pinene, terpineol, borneol, geraniol, cadinene.

Culinary Use

Juniper berries are used to flavor meat, especially game, and for the traditional preparation of sauerkraut. There are numerous juniper-based spirits, including gin,certainly the most famous. In Poland, juniper berries are used to prepare the Kaddikowe pivo, a much appreciated aromatic drink.

Healing Effect

Juniper, like marjoram, is an excellent homeopathic remedy because it has diuretic and digestive properties; it is also used as a disinfectant for the urinary, digestive and sweating system.
It stimulates appetite, it reduces acid reflux and has action against the herpes virus.
The infusion of juniper berries calms cough, while fumigations are useful in case of bronchitis and cold.


Le bacche del ginepro vanno conservate in luoghi riparati dalla luce e ben ventilati, in assenza di umidità. Trattandosi di un prodotto semi essiccato, dotato di elevato tenore zuccherino, una conservazione non ottimale o protratta per tempi eccessivamente lunghi può dar luogo a fenomeni di fermentazione anche intensi, che conferiscono al prodotto un tipico sgradevole odore di “vinaccia”.

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