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Berries, Seeds, Roots, Spices, Citrus peels, Leaves flowers

Frozen, dehydrated and fresh. Traditional sector for our company which have been exporting already since the beginning of 1800 all the ingredients for distillation and infusion of alcohol. Botanical and spices are imported from well known reliable suppliers. Ingredients are collected, processed, stored and aged according to tradition. Unique production of italian juniper berries , florentine orris root and italian citrus peel.


Collection of Juniper

Since its foundation by Englishman John Webb in 1793, the company has been involved in the export of botanicals and other agricultural products. Using known and trusted contacts in his native country, Webb dedicated himself to the export of botanicals etc for the gin and spirit producers to both the united kingdom and united states of America. In fact, a price list dated 1805 exists in a museum in Rhode Island. Traditional products, such as juniper berries and orris root powder were collected in the Tuscany region, together with other typical items like licorice from Calabria and orange peels from Sicily. Other botanicals such as coriander, angelica root, cassia and so on were also traded. Business has always usually been conducted through major importers in the united kingdom such as Burkett Sharp, G.w. Hilden, Brome & Schimmer and, more recently, Sparks White, and Evans Gray & Hood etc.; some of these companies have not been active for some time. Ingredients are brought to and processed in our factory in Leghorn then stored in our warehouse as in the past. Every week we select the best samples from the various batches we receive and send them directly to distillers for “nosing tests"


Coltivazione giaggiolo (Iris Radice)

Growing Iris (Iris Root)

  Webb James, wholesale spices manufacturer in Tuscany, offers a full service including transportation and delivery to the customer’s warehouse tailored to each individual’s requirement. As in the past, we offer the following range of botanicals including:
  • juniper berries
  • coriander seeds
  • orris root
  • licorice root
  • angelica root
  • cassia
  • orange peel
  • ginger dust and slices
and so on...

This video show you the production and processing of the florentine orris root:


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