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(Cuminum cyminum)

Cumin – Ingl., Kreuzkümmel – Ted., Cumin – Fr, comino – Sp., Кумин - Russ.

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Cumin is a biennial aromatic plant belonging to the  Umbelliferae family such as Parsley or Egypitan and Asian Celery. It is grown and exported mainly from India, Syria, Turkey, Morocco. Its seeds are elongated and slightly flattened, yellowish brown and characterized by a distinctive strong aroma.

Our offer includes:

Cumin seeds, whole or ground, origin Turkey.

Food Composition

Cumin seeds resemble caraway caraway seeds and are rich in iron, calcium and potassium.
They contain up to 2 to 3% essential oil compound by Cuminol, cymene and terpene and cumin alcohol.

Culinary Use

Cumin has a bitter taste, sweet and intense smell. It is widely used in Indian and North African cuisine, in chicken and vegetables recipies. It is one of the typical ingredients of curry. It is used to flavor some kinds of bread in France and Turkey, as well as sausages and meat preparations, especially in North and East Europe.

Healing Effect

Cumin has digestive properties.
Effective in case of gas troubles, colic, weakness and loss of appetite, as it stimulates appetite.
The infusion of cumin is effective natural remedy for cough.


Cumin must be stored in a cool, ventilated, poorly lit and dry place.

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