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List of Spices

Dehydrated Vegetables

  Advantages of using dehydrated foods The drying process reduces  volume and weight of  food well over half, with huge advantages in terms of preservation and storage. Dehydration also allows easier handling and dosing of the ingredients. Moreover, being...

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Spices and Natural Flavorings

Star Anise (Illicium verum) The cloves of garlic,obtained from fresh heads just picked, are selected, washed, peeled, cut and  quickly dried in dedicated special plants. The final product preserves its flavor and aroma; among the dehydrated vegetables,it  is widely...

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Poppy (Papaver somniferum Linn.) The seeds of domestic poppy  belong to the annual herbaceous plant native to  Eastern Mediterranean region. These seeds are very tiny (0.8 mm-1, 5 mm), whitish (in the Album variety) and black-purple (in the nigrum...

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Prepared Food – Mixture of spices and Herbs

Webb James is specialized in the preparation of various mixtures of spices and herbs, thanks to its  experience and careful use of the recipes provided by its Clients. curry 
flavoring mixture for roast 
juniper and rosemary flavoring mixture 

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Chilli (Capsicum annum) Chilli – Ing., Chili-Pfeffer – Ted., Piment fort – Fr., Pimienta picante – Sp Chilli belongs to the Solanaceae family, is native to tropical America and widespread throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. It is similar to ...

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Spicy Herbs

Parsley (Petroselinum sativum Hoffm) Parsley – Ingl., Petersilie – Ted., Persil – Fr, Prixel – Sp., Петрушка – Russ. Parsley belongs to the Umbelliferae family and is traditionally grown in Central and South Europe, England, in Africa, East Asia...

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Varieties of Pepper

(Piper Nigrum) Pepper – Ingl., Pfeffer – Ted., Poivre – Fr, Pimienta – Sp., Перец – Russ It belongs to the  Piperaceae family, and is a native of southern India. Today the largest producers of pepper are Vietnam, which...

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