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Savory belongs to the Labiatae family like marjoram and is native to western Asia. It grows wild in the mountainous areas of southern Europe, North Africa, Australia. Its leaves are green, narrow and glossy. Its flowers are small, white-pink.

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Thyme belongs to the Labiatae family like marjoram and basil: it is native to western Mediterranean region. It grows in mountain areas of southern Europe, northern Asia, North Africa. Its leaves are small, elliptically shaped, green. Its flowers are...

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Cubebe Pepper

Cubebe pepper  belongs to the  Piperaceae family. It grows wild and is cultivated in the islands of Java and Sumatra in the Malay Archipelago, as well as in the West Indies and in few African areas. Its berries are...

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White Pepper India and Thailand

Indian and Thai Pepper are not very common on the market. Pepper from India is obtained by mechanical scrape of black pepper, preserving most of its organoleptic characteristics. It is light beige.
It is almost exclusively used in India. The...

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Vietnam White Pepper

White pepper from Vietnam is produced from dried high specific gravity black pepper (from 580 to 620 and beyond g/l). It is left soaking for ten days, sometimes with the fraudulent addition of enzymes in order to speed the...

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White Pepper Brazil

Although produced  in limited quantities (about 2,000 tons per year) the quality of  Brazilian white pepper is good and appreciated on the market place. It is processed between October and November by soaking in water which, in compliance with...

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White Pepper China

Produced in the peninsula of Henan, China White pepper has been commercially known for only a few years. As its quality has not been sufficiently standardized yet, it is common to find lots of bad smelling goods, mailnly due...

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White Sarawak Pepper

White Sarawak pepper’s origin is similar to Muntoq’s. Both share the same kind of processing  and organoleptic features. It is produced in the region of Sarawak, Borneo Island (Malaysia), not far from the island of Bangka. These are the...

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White Pepper Muntok

White pepper Muntok is the best known and popular on the Italian and worldwide market. It is produced in the island of Bangka, in Java Sea near the southeastern coast of Sumatra and Borneo. Commercial brands which can be...

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White Pepper

White pepper is prepared from the berries of Piper nigrum harvested when fully ripe (when red colored). Often  peasants harvest it in the same period of  pepper bound to become black. The traditional process consists in the immersion of fresh...

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