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Strict sanitary and microbiological tests

controllo qualità - controllo microbiologico

The Webb James Total Control Plan provides for a series of precise safety procedures in line with HACCP methodology for spices in Italy. Webb James is synonymous with quality and safety. Before entering the processing and sales cycle, each product is subjected to a period of quarantine during which chemical and microbiological analyses, physical and organoleptic tests (colour, smell, taste, visible presence of heavy contaminants or insects etc.) and, if necessary, fumigation are carried out. Based on the particular contaminating agents to which the individual products are susceptible, every incoming lot is subjected to ad hoc analysis and sanitary checks to determine the presence of salmonella, pesticides, heavy metals, toxins and adulterants. Only after approval can the product be used or despatched. Information relating to our Self Control check list is always available and on request we inform our clients about all the procedures.

The spices with an identity card

spezie con la carta di identità

It is important for our clients to know exactly what they are buying. Every product is accompanied by a detailed specification which constitutes a real “identity card” and accurately describes the characteristics, guarantees and the treatments to which the product has been subjected.

Quarantine in a private bonded warehouse

magazzino doganale privatoWebb James, wholesale manufacturer wholesale manufacturer of spices in Tuscany, has a Private Bonded Warehouse in which goods from abroad are stored before being subjected to border health checks and our own controls. Completing quarantine procedures in the company’s own warehouse means considerable time-savings in the supply cycle.


fumigazionePreventative fumigation against parasites and insects is carried out on unloading at the warehouse in a 50m³ vacuum machine with phosphine (PH3). The vacuum and the heating circuit allow the gas to penetrate the centre of the product, so increasing its effectiveness.


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