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Liqueurs and Spirits

Since the start of his activity, John Webb, thanks to his contacts in United Kingdom, dealth with the export of botanicals for gin distillers towards his home country and the US, as shown in a price list dated 1805 and still held at the Rhode Island Museum.
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Spice Cultivation

Webb James offers exclusive products from Tuscany such as juniper berries and Florentine orris root, as well as other spices coming from abroad, certified and guaranteed.
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Production process

Webb James deals with the trading and natural flavorings in Livorno. Find more information on the production processes, from the grinding right through to the grinding, cutting and packaging of the herbs
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Quality Control

Every single type of spice undergoes a tight quality control procedure and it is provided with an identity card
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Steam sterilization

An advanced steam sterilization system Biosteam, unique in Italy, to supply sanitized and controlled spices
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Suppliers selection

We import and export high quality and spices, herbs and flavorings thanks to a careful selection of the raw materials suppliers.
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Our approach

Every detail regarding production is strictly monitored:
from the local selection of the spices through to the packaged end product

Quality Certifications

Webb James manufacturer of wholesale spices in Tuscany has achieved all the most important certifications. Click HERE to view them all

  • Iso 9001
  • Ifs
  • brc food
  • sedex
  • usda
  • aeo


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