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In India – the country of origin – it is called “masala”. The term generally means all the curry seasonings used to prepare vegetables, fish or meat, served with rice or bread. Depending on different tastes and master chefs skill,  a mixture of fresh herbs, roasted and ground, combined with oil, butter or yogurt  is added to this great variety of  spices in order form a paste which gives flavor to any dish.

Curry – the most used  blend of spices in the world

Actually curry is not a spice but a blend of spices. We have included this item in the list  to make it easier to find. In Western countries, the best known “curry” is a blend that varies according to the recipes and flavors of each countries. The British are responible for the invention  of “curry”: during the colonial period  they produced this blend of spices to  in order to bring the flavors of India to Europe.
Usually  curry is made of 5-6 up to 30 different spices and herbs. The characteristic ingredient in curry is turmeric which certainly gives the distinctive yellow color to the blend, as well as being directly responsible for the healin properties for which  curry is well known. Other  spices commonly found in curry  are pepper (both white and black), fenugreek, chili, ginger, nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, coriander seeds, cumin, garlic or onion and many others. All the different curry blends are characterized by the typical spicy and aromatic flavor, more or less intense, depending on the recipe and its use.
Webb James has developed its own recipe of curry, to garantee a high quality product at a reasonable price. Yet it is able to produce many blends of curry, according to traditional recipes or on customers demand. Privacy agreement guarantees  the secret of formulas and protecion of  the company know-how.

Culinary Use

Curry  is a blend of spices universally used , in fact goes well with risotto, pasta, fish, seafood, vegetables and legumes. Like cardamom spice, it is great for recipes with meat (chicken curry, turkey, lamb, beef, pork).

Different types of bread, cakes and appetizers can be prepared with curry, more or less spicy.

Healing Effect


Once  the packaging is open, its aroma cannot last long. It is stored in dry and cool places.

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