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(Cinnamon aromaticum Ness)

Cassia cinnamon, chinese cassia – Ingl., Zimtkassie – Ted., Cannelle de Chine – Fr, Canela de la China – Sp., Кассия - Russ.

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Cassia, also known as Chinese Cinnamon, belongs to the Lauraceae family such as cinnamon and it originates from China.

It is cultivated in Malabar, on the island of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia, Vietnam. Its reddish-brown bark is rough and thick.


Our offer includes:

Cassia ground, crushed origin Indonesia.

Food Composition

Tannins, sugars, starch.
Cassia essential oil  contains cinnamic aldehyde, eugenol acetate, pinene, cymene fellandrenem and other compounds.
Coumarin is a natural component of its essential.

Cassia is used as a remedy for certain digestive troubles but compared to the properties of cinnamon queen, Chinese cinnamon has mild effects.

Culinary Use

Cassia has the same culinary uses of cinnamon Queen: its smell and stronger taste  make it perfect when a more intense flavor is needed. The cassia sticks are also widely used as a decoration of wedding favors and gifts.
Cassia,  as well as star anise plant is very used in confectionery and pastry in Sicily.

Healing Effect


Cassia must be stored far  from light and heat, in ventilated and dry premises.

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