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Green Pepper

Green pepper is obtained from the unripe fruit of Piper nigrum plant. Its berries are immediately dried or stored in an acidic brine: this makes green pepper even more aromatic and softer. While black pepper and white pepper are...

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Chilli belongs to the Solanaceae family, is native to tropical America and widespread throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. It is similar to sweet pepper, but its fruit contain a very spicy substance – the capsaicin, contained in larger quantities...

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Sweet Paprika is a spice produced from specific varieties of dried ground peppers without  seeds. 
The spicy paprika is obtained by grinding the same fruits together with the seeds.They give the spice a  taste more or less spicy, due to...

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Preparation for Roast

A mixture of spices, herbs and sea salt, especially suitable for flavoring dishes of meat. It is typically used to season  roast meat, but can  also be enjoyed  in stews, braised and the like. Its direct use on grilled...

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The seeds of domestic poppy  belong to the annual herbaceous plant native to Eastern Mediterranean region. These seeds are very tiny (0.8 mm-1, 5 mm), whitish (in the Album variety) and black-purple (in the nigrum variety). Whole poppy oilseeds are...

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Sesame belongs to the Pedaliacee family, and is native to Asia and Africa. It is cultivated mainly in India, but also in China, Sudan, Uganda, Egypt, Mexico, Japan, Persia, Syria, Turkey, Greece. Its fruit are capsules-shaped, 2 cm long,...

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Star Anise

Star anise  belongs to the Illiciaceae family;it comes from southern China and Cochin China originally;it is also grown  in Japan, Java and the Philippines. Its fruits  are star-shaped. They consist of 6-12 oval and pointed woody lobes, each one containing a ...

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Orange Zest

Orange belongs to the  Rutaceae family. It comes from Southeast Asia and it is grown in Central America, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and – typically- in the Mediterranean countries. The tree is a white flower-evergreen, blooming in spring and...

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Queen cinnamon belongs to the Lauraceae family. It is cultivated in Sri Lanka, Java, Sumatra,  Seychelles, Vietnam, Madagascar, Brazil and Jamaica. The tree is evergreen, with tough leaves, with small yellowish-white flowers. When the branches reach 2 mt.  they...

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Cardamom belongs to the  Zingiberacee family.It grows wild but  is also cultivated in tropical South and Central America. Its fruits are  oblong or round-shaped capsules, divided inside into three sections containing twenty reddish brown aromatic seeds.

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