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(Eugenia caryophillata Thumb.)

Cloves – Ingl., Gewürznelken – Ted., Clous de girofle – Fr, Clavo de olor, girofle– Sp., Гвоздика - Russ.

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The clove plant belongs to the Myrtaceae family and comes from the Moluccas islands in eastern Indonesia. Most  production comes from Zanzibar, Indonesia, Madagascar,  Comores Islands, Brazil and China. The spice is made up o flowers buds picked before flowering and then sun dried.

Our offer includes:

whole cloves, cleaned, hand selected, ground. Origin Madagascar, Comores Islands, Indonesia.

Food Composition

Flavonoids, polyphenols and tannins.
Cloves are rich in essential oil, in some cases even more than 20%.

Culinary Use

Its sweet, hot and pungent  aroma makes this spice  particularly suitable for both sweet and savory recipes . Cloves are used for the preparation of biscuits,  fruit desserts, creams.It adds flavor to roasts, meat marinades, soups, meat sauces and stews. It is one of the  ingredient of curry and other spice mixtures,used for the preparation of sausages. Many drinks are flavored with cloves; tea, mulled wine, punch, various liqueurs and spirits.

Healing Effect

Cloves have healing properties: analgesic and disinfectant properties for the oral cavity and respiratory tract. They are a great natural remedy for affections of  mouth,  often  used along with  marjoram. Its essential oil was a basic ingredient of mouthwashes and tooth pastes.

Mixed to the decoction of cinnamon it is a good remedy for winter ailments, thanks to its antiseptic properties.
As well as ginger and cinnamon, cloves also stimulate blood circulation,  appetite and help digestion.
The infusion of cloves has a positive effect on nausea and other intestinal disorders


Cloves must be stored  away from light in dry places.

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