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  Mace is the name of the grid pattern,(reticulum) botanically known as “aril” which covers the shell of nutmeg. When  mace is fresh it is fleshy and bright red, when dried it turns orange or amber- yellow. The plant...

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Nutmeg belongs to the  Myristicaceae family, an evergreen tree  native to the Moluccas in Indonesia. Its fruit is yellowish,  similar to apricot at first glance; when ripe it splits opens in two valves, showing the deep red mace, which...

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Pimento (Allspice)

Allspice, also called “Jamaican pepper” or “pepper cloves” belongs to the Mirtaceae family, like Mediterranean myrtle. It is an evergreen tree native to Jamaica, with berries gathered in clusters. Its fresh berries are harvested when unripe and green, which...

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Celery Seeds

Celery is a biennial plant which belongs to Umbelliferae family like cumin, native to Asia and the Mediterranean region, cultivated as a vegetable. In India, on the contrary, celery is grown almost exclusively for the production of seeds, traditionally...

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Ginger belongs to the Zingiberaceae family and is native to Asia. It is cultivated in India, China, Japan, Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Thailand. The rhizome of this aromatic plant is the part used as a spice. It can be...

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Dehydrated Onion (Onion salt)

The heads of onion are selected and washed; usless parts are removed, then cut and dried in special plants. The final product, characterized by an ivory color and an aroma very similar to the fresh vegetable’s, is widely used...

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Dehydrated Leek

Dehydrated Leeks are obtained from drying green and white parts of fresh leek, properly washed, cleaned and cut immediately soon after harvest.

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Sun Dried Tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes are washed, cleared of leaves and stalks, and dried in special plants, to get a dry brownish red product, free of odors.

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Dehydrated Red and Green Peppers

The peppers, harvested when ripe, are selected, washed, cleared of stems and seeds, cut and dried at a suitable temperature to get a product that-without loss of its most valuable nutritional components- can maintains its typical fresh pepper aroma...

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Dehydrated Spinach

Fresh spinach, like other dehydrated vegetables, is collected, then washed, cleaned, selected, dried and then reduced to powder Food industry often uses this vegetable as well as dehydrated sliced garlic, due to its easy use and preservation, guaranteed by...

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