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Dried Carrots

Dehydrated carrots, like other dehydrated vegetables, are produced from fresh vegetables. When ripe, they are washed, cleaned, peeled, cut. Then the vegetables are dried in special drying equipments.

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Dehydrated Garlic

The cloves of garlic,obtained from fresh heads just picked, are selected, washed, peeled, cut and quickly dried in dedicated special plants. The final product preserves its flavor and aroma; among the dehydrated vegetables,it  is widely used in food as...

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L’alloro appartiene alla famiglia delle Lauraceae, originario dall’Asia Minore. Cresce spontaneamente in tutti i Paesi Mediterranei, ed è coltivato prevalentemente in Turchia. Nel passato esistevano diffuse coltivazioni anche in Albania, che nel corso degli ultimi decenni sono state progressivamente...

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