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Black Pepper Thailand, China, Ecuador, Honduras

Black pepper is grown in many countries- besides those already mentioned- including Thailand, China, Ecuador and Honduras. In all cases the quantities produced are small and used in the countries of origin, rarely exported. Ecuador produces about 3000 tons...

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Black Pepper Madagascar and Sri Lanka

These two countries offer a small-size variety of black pepper, suitable for grinding, after which it is possible to get a quite dark powder. Imports from these area, usually very small, are usually made by small dealers, who want...

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Black Pepper Lampong

Black pepper comes from the region of Lampong island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Its largest market is represented by United States, where it is almost exclusively used for grinding. This is in fact a small size pepper, with a pungent...

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Guinea Grains

Guinea Grains plant, the Amomum melegueta (“melegueta” or “pepper of Guinea”), belongs to the Zingiberacee family as well as cardamom pods  and is a native to Equatorial Guinea. Its pink or yellow flowers look lke orchids. Its fruits contain  reddish-brown...

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Black Pepper Sarawak

This brand comes from the region of Sarawak, Borneo Island (Malaysia). Harvest is from April to September, with  production peak in  May and June. The Sarawak region produces about 25,000 tons, 90%  exported.

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Brazilian Black Pepper

The black pepper plant grown in Brazil is different in organoleptic characteristics peculiar and easily recognizable, including the odor and color of the pulp.

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Vietnam Black Pepper

Over the last ten years Vietnam has gradually increased its influence on pepper international market. This Asian country is the world’s leading exporter of black pepper (about 85,000 tons per year) for two reasons: firstly, its favorable climate conditions...

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Black Pepper India

India produces about one million tonnes of spices a year, 90% of which are intended for domestic consumption and export only the remainder. Characteristics of black pepper origin India This brand is certainly better known in Italy and worldwide...

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Black Pepper

Black pepper is prepared by picking the unripe fruit as soon as its skin color begins to change (veraison). The more unripe they are picked, the more they become spicy. The fruits of pepper are typically sun dried, rarely...

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Pink Pepper

Pink pepper belongs to the Anacardiacee family and is a native to Peru and Chile. It is not a variety of pepper: it takes its name because of similarity of its fruits, yet they have totally different texture and...

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