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Cubebe Pepper

(Piper Cubeba)

Cubebs – Ingl., Cubeben – Ted., Poivre cubèbe – Fr, Cubeba – Sp., Перец Кубеба - Russ.

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Cubebe pepper  belongs to the  Piperaceae family. It grows wild and is cultivated in the islands of Java and Sumatra in the Malay Archipelago, as well as in the West Indies and in few African areas.
Its berries are very similar to those of black pepper variety. They have a small beard which is  the stalk by which they were on the plant.
They are harvested before reaching full maturity. The pericarp of the berry is brown or blackish, while the seed inside is whitish, resinous.

Our offer includes:

cubebe pepper in grains.

Food Composition

Pepper cubebe contains cubebina crystals (about 2%), camphor cubeb, cubebic acid, monoterpenes, gum, fatty substances

Culinary Use

Pepper cubebe smell is aromatic and pleasant, its taste is warm, bitter, vaguely spicy. It is used to flavor meats and sauces. It can be found  in some recipes along with other spices, such as curry chicken in China. Scarcely known in Europe, it is widely used in African and Indonesian cuisine.

Healing Effect

Cubebe pepper fruits have diuretic, balsamic properties and an antiseptic action on urinary system.They are used as natural remedies in case of asthma, pharyngitis, meteorism, diarrhea, sexual impotence.
Pepper cubebe is also used for the preparation of anti-wrinkle creams.


Pepper cubebe must be stored in a cool, ventilated, poorly lit and dry place.

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