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(Satureja montana)

Savory – Ingl., Pfefferkraut – Ted., Sarriette des montagnes – Fr., Ajedrea,– Sp., Чабер - Russ.

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Savory belongs to the Labiatae family like marjoram and is native to western Asia. It grows wild in the mountainous areas of southern Europe, North Africa, Australia. Its leaves are green, narrow and glossy.
Its flowers are small, white-pink.

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santoreggia foglia intera, T/V e macinata, di origine Albania.

Food Composition

Savory young leaves and trunks  are rich in minerals, carotene, vitamin C and essential oils. 
Its essential oils are composed of phenol, carvarcolo, thymol, linalool, borneol, pyrene and other terpenes.

Culinary Use

Savory can be us used with both fish and meat. It is widely used in mixtures for sausages, stuffing and mixed with herbs. It adds taste to legumes, raw and cooked vegetables. Savory is often  used  in herbal teas and infusions.

Healing Effect

Savory has antiseptic healing properties, disinfectant of digestive tract, anti-worming.
The infusion is an excellent natural remedy because it helps digestion, reduces nervous stomach aches, intestinal fermentation.
It is also used in case of flatulence, vomiting, asthma and bronchitis.


The dried leaves of savory are kept in a cool, ventilated, poorly lit and dry place.

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