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White Pepper China

(Piper Nigrum)

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Produced in the peninsula of Henan, China White pepper has been commercially known for only a few years. As its quality has not been sufficiently standardized yet, it is common to find lots of bad smelling goods, mailnly due to a too long soaking in water, provoking excessive fermentation and enzymatic action.

This is why, even when the product may seem attractive from an economic standpoint, one must  always take into account the risk of an unpleasant aroma and flavor; in addition  Chinese white pepper should always be  reworked and cleaned, causing price rise.

Anyway,it is a commercially attractive product. If you’re lucky enough to find  correctly-produced goods, the organoleptic characteristics are quite similar to the Sarawak white pepper or white pepper Muntoq of more “noble” origins.

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