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White Pepper Muntok

(Piper Nigrum)

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White pepper Muntok is the best known and popular on the Italian and worldwide market. It is produced in the island of Bangka, in Java Sea near the southeastern coast of Sumatra and Borneo. Commercial brands which can be found on the international market are:

  • White pepper Muntok FAQ
  • Muntok “Double Washed”
  • Muntok the HPS (Hand Picked Selected).

The differences between one brand  and another are  the percentage of black berries and grain size,   larger in  most valuable grains (i.e. the last two mentioned). Compared to the past the quality and  selection of product of Indonesian origin has worsened significantly, and that nothing has been done by local producers and exporters to try to improve the  cleaning process of white pepper, for example by using mechanical equipment.

The indonesian white pepper  is particularly appreciated by some salami producer for its unique aroma of “manure” (Cowshed-like)- sometimes  considered  unpleasant-, although  once mixed with  meat it takes on a different fragrance.It turns yellow when  ground.

Like any other brand, white pepper from Indonesia to Europe must necessarily get a cleaning process to remove  natural impurities , such as sticks, stones, plant fibers and plastics, peels and more.

 To learn more see: cleaning of seeds.

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