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Pimento (Allspice)

(Pimenta dioica)

Allspice – Ingl., Piment – Ted., Piment de la Jamaïque– Fr, Pimienta de Jamaica,– Sp., Души́стый/Яма́йский пе́рец - Russ.

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Allspice, also called “Jamaican pepper” or “pepper cloves” belongs to the Mirtaceae family, like Mediterranean myrtle. It is an evergreen tree native to Jamaica, with berries gathered in clusters. Its fresh berries are harvested when unripe and green, which turn brown after sun drying.
It looks like pepper with larger grains.

Our offer includes:

Whole Allspice berries, cleaned, ground or crushed. Origin Mexico, Jamaica.

Food Composition

Minerals, vitamins A, B, C, D and E.
 Essential oil (even up to 5% in the Jamaican variety), consisting of eugenol, phellandrene, cineol, methyleugenol.

Culinary Use

Allspice has a spicy flavor, slightly hot: it reminds of the aroma of cloves, of cinnamon sticks and nutmeg too. This is the reason for the English name “Allspice”. It is used to flavor meats, smoked meat, game, but also bread and bakery.
It is used to store fish, pork, beef, vegetables and other canned foods. It can be in some curry recipes, and in many spice mixtures.
An essential oil is extracted from its leaves, often used to flavor meats and meat preparations.

Healing Effect

Pimento has digestive analgesic and antiseptic properties like cardamom berries, thanks to its eugenol content which is 90% of the essential oil extracted from its fruit. It has healing effects on abdominal colic, swelling, toothache and stomatitis. 
The infusion of allspice is used against respiratory infections.


The allspice berries should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place.

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