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Dehydrated Spinach

(Spinacea oleracea)

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Fresh spinach, like other dehydrated vegetables, is collected, then washed, cleaned, selected, dried and then reduced to powder

spinaci-disidratatiFood industry often uses this vegetable as well as dehydrated sliced garlic, due to its easy use and preservation, guaranteed by the drying process.

Our offer includes:

dehydrated spinach powder, origin China.

Culinary Use

It is typically used for the preparation of both dry pasta (in the dough) and fresh pasta (in stuffing), as well as in the baking industry.

Spinach is also used as an ingredient in several types of juices, sauces, soups – as well as in preparations of meat and vegetables.

Sometimes the color it gives food is the primary reason for its use, beside its taste.

Healing Effect


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