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Star Anise

(Illicium verum)

Star anise – Ingl., Sternanis – Ted., Anis étoilé– Fr, Anìs estrellado – Sp., Бадьян - Russ.

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Star anise  belongs to the Illiciaceae family;it comes from southern China and Cochin China originally;it is also grown  in Japan, Java and the Philippines. Its fruits  are star-shaped. They consist of 6-12 oval and pointed woody lobes, each one containing a  light brown  seed.

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Star anise, whole or ground, origin Vietnam.

Food Composition

Catechico tannin, organic acids.
The fruits of star anise contain from 3 to 6% of essential oil, sometimes up to 9%. The active ingredient of the essential oil of the ‘star anise is anethole, about 80-90%. Other components are alpha-pinene, cymene, limonene, terpineol,  anisone and others.

Culinary Use

Star anise as well as cinnamon sticks should never be missing in the kitchen. It is used as a spice in confectionery, or as decoration. Its essential oil is used to flavor liqueurs and different kind  of drinks (pastis, sambuca etc).

Healing Effect

It has balsamic properties, secretive,  digestive and tonic.
Star anise has healing properties similar to cardamom and is a great natural remedy to help digestion,  gastrointestinal spasms, flatulence, toothache.
It stimulates lactation. Like cinnamon decoction, it is useful in case of colds, cough and sore throat.


The fruits of anise must be stored in cool, ventilated and poorly lit.

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