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(Capsicum annum)

Paprika – Ingl., Paprika – Ted., Paprika, Poivre rouge – Fr, Pimentòn – Sp., Перец овощной - Russ.

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Sweet Paprika is a spice produced from specific varieties of dried ground peppers without  seeds. 
The spicy paprika is obtained by grinding the same fruits together with the seeds.They give the spice a  taste more or less spicy, due to the content of capsaicin. 
All varieties of peppers used for the preparation of Paprika belong to the Capsicum annum species, native to tropical America. Its use in Europe dates back to the Turks, who brought it from India.

 Spain, Hungary, Serbia, Morocco and USA have a long tradition in the cultivation and production of Paprika. Recently its cultivation has developed in Peru, Chile, Brazil, South Africa, Israel, China, South Africa, Mozambique.

Our offer includes:

Sweet and spicy paprika, Spanish origin.

Culinary Use

Both sweet and spicy paprika have a slightly bitter and aromatic taste. It is used in cooking not only for its flavor, but also for the deep red color given to the food it is added. Paprika is commercially classified by ASTA degrees, meaning precisely the stability and the intensity of the color of the spice.

In general, the higher the score, the better its quality, especially when meant for industrial use.

Paprika is widely used in Asian , Hungarian, Balkan, and Spanish cooking. It is used to flavor and color meat (chicken, lamb, pork and beef), cheese, different types of based-tomato and bechamel sauces, it goes well with vegetables and legumes. It is a basic ingredient for preparations of different spice mixtures.

Healing Effect


Paprika is best stored in a cool, dark and dry place.

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