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Orange – Ingl., Orange – Ted., Orange – Fr, Naranja – Sp., Апельсин - Russ.

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Orange belongs to the  Rutaceae family. It comes from Southeast Asia and it is grown in Central America, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and – typically- in the Mediterranean countries. The tree is a white flower-evergreen, blooming in spring and harvested in autumn and winter.

Our offer includes:

sweet and bitter orange peels,ribbons, kibbled, powder.

Food Composition

  • About 90% limonene, pinene, terpineol, linalool, geraniol.
  • vitamin E

Culinary Use

Orange peel is used  for  preparation of candied fruits, jams and as a natural flavor. Gingerbread is a very famous cake, prepared by adding ginger and nutmeg.

It is also used for production of several liqueurs and spirits (gin, Cointreau, Curacao) and bitters.

Healing Effect

The essential oil extracted from orange peel helps digestion, is used in cases of insomnia, colds and in the treatment of cellulite.
Orange peel is usful for the prevention of skin  and urogenital diseases.
Orange has energizing, antibacterial, astringent and cleansing properties


Orange peel must be stored in a cool, dark and dry place.

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