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Black Pepper

(Piper Nigrum)

Black pepper – Ingl., Echter Pfeffer– Ted., Poivrier noir– Fr, Piper nigrum – Sp., Перец черный - Russ.

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Black pepper is prepared by picking the unripe fruit as soon as its skin color begins to change (veraison). The more unripe they are picked, the more they become spicy.

The fruits of pepper are typically sun dried, rarely using dryers for drying and blackening of skin.



Culinary Use

Black pepper variety is one of the most widely used, particularly in European cooking, both in powder and crushed grains. It is excellent to flavor a wide range of dishes such as soups, sauces, meat, fish, stews, salads. Black Pepper whole grain is also widely used in food industry together with mace for preparation of sausages.
Piper nigrum also gives green pepper, used in many recipies such as well-known beef with green pepper.

Healing Effect


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