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Basil, like mint and oregano, belongs to the Labiatae family and is a native to tropical Asia. Today the plant is widespread in Europe, the Americas and tropical Africa. Basil leaves are oval; its color changes  from deep green...

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Oregano belongs to the Labiatae family like spearmint and rosemary; it is native to Mediterranean countries. It grows wild in dry places, even on  mountains. Traditionally spontaneous,it is cultivated as an aromatic plant and for therapeutic use. It is...

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Fresh mint belongs to the  Labiatae family like oregano and rosemary. It grows wild throughout Europe, Asia Minor, North Africa. Its leaves are oval, pale green. Its flowers are light purple.

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Marjoram belongs to the Labiatae  family such as Salvia officinalis or savory; it is native to western Asia and north-east Africa where it grows spontaneously as  perennial grass. In Europe it is only cultivated as it requires sunlight and...

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Chives belong to the  Liliaceae family, probably native to Asia. It grows in meadows, grass lawns and on mountains up to 2500 m above sea level, in Europe, Asia and North America. Its leaves are tubular, long and narrow,...

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Parsley belongs to the Umbelliferae family and is traditionally grown in Central and South Europe, England, in Africa, East Asia and India. It can reach 80 cm  height, and its flowers are white or greenish. It is used as...

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Sage belongs to the Labiatae family like oregano and grows wild in Mediterranean countries and southern Europe; it is often cultivated for its use as aromatic herb, but also for therapeutic purposes.
Until the ’60s and ’70s sage was harvested...

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Rosemary, like salvia officinalis belongs to the Labiatae family, is native to Mediterranean countries and grows wild in Italy, France, Corsica, Balearic Islands, Spain, Greece, Albania, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Libya. Rosemary is cultivated  either as an aromatic plant...

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Tarragon belongs to the Asteraceae family and is native to central Asia, southern Russia and Siberia. It grows wild throughout the Mediterranean basin. Its leaves are long, narrow and pointed. Its flowers are grouped in a  small  yellowish-green cob....

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Bay belongs to the  Lauraceae family and it is native to  Asia Minor. It grows wild in   all Mediterranean countries, and it is mainly cultivated  in Turkey. Widespread cultivations could be also found  in Albania,  progressively abandoned in the...

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