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(Origanum majorana, sin. Majorana hortensis)

Marjoram – Ingl. ,Majorankraut – Ted., Marjolaine – Fr, Mejorana – Sp., Майоран - Russ.

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Marjoram belongs to the Labiatae  family such as Salvia officinalis or savory; it is native to western Asia and north-east Africa where it grows spontaneously as  perennial grass. In Europe it is only cultivated as it requires sunlight and warm temperatures. It is used in food processing industry, in the production of liqueurs and spirits, for perfumes.

Our offer includes:

marjoram leaves 30 mesh, 1 mm and powder.

Food Composition

Marjoram contains tannins, pentosans, active ingredients. Essential oils, synthesized by the plant during flowering, are rich in alpha-and beta-pinene, ocimene, limonene and other active components.

Culinary Use

Marjoram is used in several recipes:  stews, meatballs, stuffings, fish, vegetables, sauces, salads and in aromatic oils and vinegars  (like chilli). As well as juniper berries, used to soothe cough, marjoram can  be found in herbal teas and in spirits, such as liquor and vermouth.

Healing Effect

Marjoram has diuretic, digestive and  stimulant properties. It has healing effects in cases of hysteria, epilepsy and intestinal colic. 
Inhaling marjoram steam can help in case of  colds, coughs.
Marjoram is also used   as  mouthwash for a gentle disinfectant action.


Marjoram is stored in  cool, ventilated, poorly lit and dry premises.

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