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(Mentha viridis L.)

Spearmint – Ingl., Grüne Minze – Ted., Menthe verte – Fr, Hierbabuena – Sp., Мя́та садо́вая - Russ.

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Fresh mint belongs to the  Labiatae family like oregano and rosemary. It grows wild throughout Europe, Asia Minor, North Africa. Its leaves are oval, pale green. Its flowers are light purple.

Our offer includes:

30 mesh mint, mint powder origin Egypt.

Food Composition

Menthol is extracted from this aromatic plant,to be used in perfumery, cosmetics and medicine, as well as in cooking.

Culinary Use

The crushed leaves of mint together with rosemary are used for meat, fish, vegetables and mushrooms. It is also used as a refreshing herbal tea in Central and Northern Europe.

Healing Effect

Mint has digestive properties like cardamom berries, as well as antiseptic and antispasmodic, tonic ( not recommended  during  evening hours to avoid insomnia). With its essential oil  aromatic massages can be made  to relieve headaches, migraines, and to
reduce stress. Mint infusion reduces nausea and calms stomach in cases of vomiting.
 Mint is useful in the treatment of  inflammation of bronchi and lungs.


Fresh mint leaves, like any other aromatic herb,  are harvested before flowering and are dried in shady places. Storage is  in a cool, ventilated, poorly lit and dry place.

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