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Dehydrated Garlic

(Allium sativum)

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The cloves of garlic,obtained from fresh heads just picked, are selected, washed, peeled, cut and quickly dried in dedicated special plants.

aglio-disidratatoThe final product preserves its flavor and aroma; among the dehydrated vegetables,it  is widely used in food as a substitute of  fresh one.It allows quick use and long preservation  thanks to the drying process.

Our offer includes:

dehydrated garlic powder, granules, slices origin China.

Culinary Use

Garlic is used in a lot of preparations, including sauces, meats, sausages, preserves.
It is also widely used in many spice mixtures. Last but not least, it is added also in  animal feeding, for its anti-worms action

Healing Effect


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