(Capsicum annum)

Chilli – Ing., Chili-Pfeffer – Ted., Piment fort – Fr., Pimienta picante – Sp

Chilli belongs to the Solanaceae family, is native to tropical America and widespread throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. It is similar to  sweet pepper, but its fruit contain a very spicy substance – the capsaicin, contained in larger quantities in the seeds. Its fruit is red, green or yellow with different size and shape depending on  variety.

(Capsicum annum)

Paprika – Ingl., Paprika – Ted., Paprika, Poivre rouge – Fr, Pimentòn – Sp., Перец овощной – Russ.

Sweet Paprika is a spice produced from specific varieties of dried ground peppers without  seeds. 
The spicy paprika is obtained by grinding the same fruits together with the seeds.They give the spice a  taste more or less spicy, due to the content of capsaicin. 
All varieties of peppers used for the preparation of Paprika belong to the Capsicum annum species, native to tropical America. Its use  in Europe dates back to the Turks, who brought it from India.

 Spain, Hungary, Serbia, Morocco and USA have a long tradition in the cultivation and production of Paprika. Recently its cultivation has developed in Peru, Chile, Brazil, South Africa, Israel, China, South Africa, Mozambique.

Our offer includes: sweet and spicy paprika, Spanish origin.


Watch the step of production of birdseye chilli in Malawi. The Webb James’s staff has traveled to Africa to check for themselves the production and quality standards.
Each phase takes place according to traditional methods: drying in the sun on wooden tables and manual selection of each fruit