(Papaver somniferum Linn.)

The seeds of domestic poppy  belong to the annual herbaceous plant native to  Eastern Mediterranean region. These seeds are very tiny (0.8 mm-1, 5 mm), whitish (in the Album variety) and black-purple (in the nigrum variety ).

(Sesamum indicum)

Sesame  – Ingl., Sesam  – Ted., Sésame – Fr, Sésamo  – Sp., Кунжут, сезам  – Russ.

Sesame belongs to the Pedaliacee family, and is native to Asia and Africa. It is cultivated mainly in India, but also in China, Sudan, Uganda, Egypt, Mexico, Japan, Persia, Syria, Turkey, Greece. Its fruit are capsules-shaped, 2 cm long, divided into four lodges in which there are small seeds.
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