Prepared Food – Mixture of spices and Herbs

Prepared Food – Mixture of spices and Herbs

Webb James is specialized in the preparation of various mixtures of spices and herbs, thanks to its  experience and careful use of the recipes provided by its Clients.

  • curry
flavoring mixture for roast
juniper and rosemary flavoring mixture 
mix for spaghetti
mixture to fry
mixture for BBQ
mixture for vegetable oil dip
mixture for fish
mixture for salmon
  • mixture for meat (chicken, rabbit, beef and pork)
mixture for cold cuts (bacon, dried beef, pork, bacon, various types of salami)
  • mix for kebab
mixture pizza taste
mixture for hot chili pepper sauce
mixture for Tuscan pasta “pici”, spicy spaghetti, regional dishes
and many others.

As for our customers’s recipies, Webb James  signed a confidential agreement, so as to ensure secrets of  formulations.

In addition, our computer system is effectively protected from unauthorized external and internal access, as well as the professionalism and discretion of the personnel make sure that the know-how of customers is protected.

Mixing line and sieving

The steel mixer, designed to be disassembled and cleaned systematically, allows to mix products at its best, so as to get a product homogenized in quality and color.

Depending on customer needs, it is possible to put together operations of grinding, cutting, sieving, and anything else necessary to obtain technically perfect mixtures.
Packaging of mixtures of spices and herbs
Our customers often need to receive their mixtures in small individual packages, from a few grams up to a kilo or two.

It helps to speed up the operator’s work for recipe mixtures (ready ingredients, with less risk of error) and to preserve products hygiene and proper storage (in case of little use).

Webb James has a modern packaging system, which makes possible  to prepare individual packages weighing from a few hundred grams up to a few kilos.

The packaging line is equipped with ultimate technology metal detectors Safeline, to detect any metal contaminant in each package.

All primary packaging materials in contact with the product, are fully guaranteed for contact with food.


00-preparato-arrostoPreparation for Roast

A mixture of spices, herbs and sea salt, especially suitable for flavoring dishes of meat.

It is typically used to season  roast meat, but can  also be enjoyed  in stews, braised and the like. Its direct use on grilled meats, before, during and after cooking  enhances its taste and flavor.