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Sanitation and Sterilization – Biosteam Egypt

Our Biosteam sanitation for food service unit is located in a dedicated factory in Abu Rawash, Egypt, where Webb James has invested in mixed farming.   The new company location, being on the main road between Cairo and Alexandria,...

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Steam Sterilization

BIOSTEAM ITALY An advanced, reliable sanitizing food industry system. Biosteam is still the unique machine of its kind for spices in Italy, and is the only one which can guarantee a real and drastic reduction in pathogens, mould and...

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Herbs Cutting

The line of cleaning and cutting herbs is designed for oregano and sage officinalis. Webb James, manufacurer and distributor of spices in italy, has gained great experience on these products for several decades.            ...

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In addition to cleaning lines for pepper varieties and fresh herbs, our wholesale spice factory in Tuscany has  a mixing  and screening plant. This is normally used for the preparation of mixtures of spices food, sometimes  even for homogenization...

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Metal Detector Safeline, Safety Screen, Permanent Magnets

In our manufacturing spices plant in Livorno we have focused our attention on the research of all technical strategies to eliminate the unwelcome presence of foreign bodies, thus offering our customers safe and guaranteed  products. Each processing line is...

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Cleaning Process

The cleaning line of edible seeds is designed to clean up all brands of black pepper and white pepper. If necessary it can be quickly adapted to clean coriander seeds, allspice, red pepper, etc. The cleaning process of pepper...

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Cryogenic grinding

Webb James has been dealing with spices for over two hundred years and has known what are spices and how to get the best processing. In fact the company has two lines of cryogenic grinding, one dedicated exclusively to...

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Working Environment – Health – Efficiency in each Plant

The Webb James warehouses and the recently renovated factory for spices production in Livorno are in full compliance with the requirements of current hygiene regulations: sealed, washable, dust-proof floors, rounded corners and a complete absence of glass. Microbiological environmental...

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Quality management system certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 BRC and IFS

Webb James’ premises in Livorno are fully equipped for processing and sterilising raw materials from their country of origin. The bespoke, modern equipment has been  improved over the years with ever-better technology designed to increase product quality levels and...

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Varieties of Pepper

(Piper Nigrum) Pepper – Ingl., Pfeffer – Ted., Poivre – Fr, Pimienta – Sp., Перец – Russ It belongs to the  Piperaceae family, and is a native of southern India. Today the largest producers of pepper are Vietnam, which...

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