Herbs Cutting

Herbs Cutting

The line of cleaning and cutting herbs is designed for oregano and sage officinalis.
Webb James, manufacurer and distributor of spices in italy, has gained great experience on these products for several decades.










The cutting system allows the precise fragmentation of the leaves into pieces of a few millimeters up to more than 1 centimeter.

Special needs of herb-cutting
According to cusomers’ need, the cutting system can be supported by:

– Air Separation System, Ventilation and Extraction, designed to remove light contaminants from the product (typically straw, grass, but also plastic filaments and hair), dust and heavy contaminants (stones, glass, metal, twigs and wood sticks);
– Oscillating sieves, differently located along the processing line, to calibrate the product and remove foreign bodies;
– Removal of Sticks system, to remove any plant part different from leaf and/or crushed flower;
– Eriez permanent magnet, placed along the production line and regularly inspected and cleaned;
– Ultimate technolgy Safeline metal detector, installed to detect tiny contaminants (up to 0.4 mm for iron) directly in contact with the product before the final packaging.