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Pepper Grinding Line

The grinding line of varieties of peppers (green, black, etc.), next to the cleaning plant, is designed for  grinding berries on completion of cleaning process. The  grinding plant is made of a series of tools and equipment, including: –...

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Packaging Line

Our customers often need to receive spices food and other food products in small individual packages instead of the usual heavy bulk bags. It helps to speed up the operator’s work for recipe mixtures (eg. ready ingredients) and to...

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A global network of information about spice safety

As wholesale manufacturers of spices in Tuscany, we are in contact with a worldwide network of spice dealers with whom we exchange daily information on product safety. We are members of italian trade associations  (AIIPA) and foreign ones (ESA,...

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The selection of raw materials

Our extensive knowledge of all kinds of spices means we are able to evaluate quality depending on the multitude of applications, either for medicinal or aromatic herbs for culinary use, Webb James optimizes its selection on the basis of...

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The selection of suppliers and raw materials

Experience and consolidated partnerships with producers give added value to our ability to select o dei sui Webb James, a manufacturer of wholesale spice in Livorno, know what are spices used for and where does not act in the...

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Webb James in Albania: Albanian Trading Company

In 1991, Webb James, wholesale spices manufacturer in Livorno, opened a branch in Durres specialized in aromatic herbs (oregano, rosemary, savory, sage, etc), and from which it receives and exports all over the world. The Albanian branch is operating...

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Webb James in Egypt: Delta Spice

Webb James, although producer of spices in Italy, has also invested in cultivation in Egypt with the acquisition through a large local supplier of five production areas and two processing plants for aromatic herbs, seeds and dehydrated vegetables. A...

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Webb James in Italy: exclusive products from Tuscany

Juniper Berries and  Florentine orris root -known worldwide for their famous organoleptic qualities- are exclusive products of Tuscany, uniquely for Webb James, to be processed and packed at our factory in Livorno.They grow wild and are harvested in the...

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Direct and indirect control: crops and production processes

The “Target – Safe Spices” philosophy is not a vague concept but an operational method aimed at guaranteeing the absence, or at least the drastic reduction, of all contaminating elements which would not be eliminated by subsequent processes. For...

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