Cryogenic grinding

Cryogenic grinding

Webb James has been dealing with spices for over two hundred years and has known what are spices and how to get the best processing.

In fact the company has two lines of cryogenic grinding, one dedicated exclusively to nutmeg and mace, the other to different spices.

The liquid nitrogen used for cooling, certified for food industry, maintains a very low and constant temperature throughout the grinding process, to preserve all products’ organoleptic characteristics.

Hammer mills

The two hammer mills, made entirely of stainless steel

and designed to allow easy cleaning, belong to two grinding lines , together with the following tools and machinery:

  • The suction system eliminates light impurities from the raw material (typically hair) before grinding.
  • The sieving system, thanks to the two different Sweco vibrating screens, achieves either calibration or safety of the product, removing any foreign bodies.
  • The mixing system is equipped with a conical blender, pharmaceutical derivation, more than 2000 liters volume. Entirely steel made, easy to clean, can homogenize quality and colour of any lot. 
  • The control system of metal contaminants is equipped with ultimate technology metal detector Safeline and several permanent magnets Eriez, regularly inspected and cleaned, installed along the grinding line. The system also detects tiny contaminants (up to 0.4 mm for the Ferro) directly in touch with the product before the final packaging.