Cleaning Process

Cleaning Process

pulitura_120The cleaning line of edible seeds is designed to clean up all brands of black pepper and white pepper. If necessary it can be quickly adapted to clean coriander seeds, allspice, red pepper, etc.

The cleaning process of pepper and seeds is generally complex, based on ever-changing instruments and equipment that, by exploiting physical strength (force of gravity, centrifugal force) remove all various contaminants from the product of origin.

The cleaning is carried out through:

  • Windshifters, with removal of lint, hair, skins, empty berries (so-called “Light berries”), dust and other light impurities.
  • Destoner, a machine similar to a densimetric table, which allows the effective removal of “heavy” bodies, typically stones, glass;
  • Oscillating sieves, placed along the processing line, to calibrate the product and remove foreign bodies;
  • Coil, an indian instrument, for a final cleaning of product to remove cracked berries, small sticks and the like;
  • Eriez permanent magnets, regularly inspected and cleaned, installed along the production line to remove metal contaminants.
  • Ultimate technology Safeline  metal detector, installed to detect even tiny contaminants (up to 0.4 mm for iron) directly in touch with product before the final packaging.

Special needs in seeds cleaning

In  case of  production of salumi (typically  mortadella)  it is necessary to preserve  the integrity of the outer skin of the pepper berry;it can be performed with proper tools,by  intensely rubbing  the grains, to remove its outer peel as much as possible ,preventing its  loss during the different preparations.