Metal Detector Safeline, Safety Screen, Permanent Magnets

Metal Detector Safeline, Safety Screen, Permanent Magnets

metaldetector_120In our manufacturing spices plant in Livorno we have focused our attention on the research of all technical strategies to eliminate the unwelcome presence of foreign bodies, thus offering our customers safe and guaranteed  products.

Each processing line is equipped with:

Tools for the elimination of dust and metal bodies, whether they are iron ore  or not.
The permanent magnets “Eriez” and the metal detector “Safeline” are manufactured by world leader companies.

Screening systems, both sieves and vibrating screens, to remove undesirable materials.

Special requirements for the control of foreign bodies

Various kind of machinery (such as air separators, destoner, suction systems and many others) are placed to work on the different production lines according to their specific needs, so it is possible to remove every kind of contaminants (dust, earth, hair, stones, glass, hard plastic) usually present in raw materials or origin-processed goods.