Pepper Grinding Line

Pepper Grinding Line

linea-macinazione-pepeThe grinding line of varieties of peppers (green, black, etc.), next to the cleaning plant, is designed for  grinding berries on completion of cleaning process.

The  grinding plant is made of a series of tools and equipment, including:

– Roller mill, similar to those used for cereals, which allows to obtain homogeneous fine powders.

It helps to stop the unpleasant dust which makes the use of pepper unsuitable for some food preparations.

The roller mill allows the splitting of pepper, typically in a half, a quarter, an octave, a tenth, or according to different customer needs.

– Suction system, which allows the elimination of light impurities from the raw material (typically hair) before grinding;

– Screening system, designed with oscillating sieves and aimed at the product calibration and removal of foreign bodies;

– Control system of  metal contaminants, an installation of several permanent magnets Eriez along the grinding line, regularly inspected and cleaned; in addition, the ultimate technology metal detectors Safeline, installed to detect the smallest contaminants (up to 0 , 4 mm for iron) directly in contact with product before the final packaging.

Packaging of pepper

The packaging of ground pepper, both white and black, can also be run in “big bags” (up to a weight of 750 kg) depending on customers’ needs.