Sanitation in Food – a cutting-edge plant

Sanitation in Food – a cutting-edge plant

vapore_2_120Food industry requires the latest equipment and very strict controls for the cleaning and disinfection of products. That is why our plant of spices for food industries is the best in Italy.
Stainless steel cell AISI 316

All plant components in direct or indirect contact with the product are made of polished stainless steel AISI 316, which belongs to authentic steel structure type.

AISI 316 steal is one of the most suitable for both pharmaceutical products and food. Yet, due to its higher cost – in comparison with other stainless steels – it is rarely used in other traditional steam cleaning plants, for saving reasons.

Flavor and aroma  remain untouched

In addition to its undisputed technical characteristics, performance and durability, the stainless steel AISI 316 prevents the alteration of aroma and flavor that the products could get by staying in direct and indirect contact with metal. In addition, the trolleys used for handling the bags of product to and from the cell, as well as the other instruments involved in the process of sanitization (eg. thermal probes) are made of stainless steel too.

Short time of exposure to temperature

The Biosteam steam sterilization system is the quickest of its kind presently available, allowing products to be exposed at a set temperature for a very short time thereby safeguarding the organoleptic and nutritional quality of the material.
Its software is being developed thanks to the ever-existing interaction between Webb James – a specialist in the field of steam cleaning of spices, herbs and other dry goods – and the Swiss construction company, whose staff is competent, young and responsible.
This software is constantly updated, designed to minimize the products’ exposure time to temperature, not to jeopardize steam battericide properties, thus achieving the proper microbiological results. The organoleptic and nutritional properties of products cleaned with BIOSTEAM method are preserved at their utmost level, better than those of other products cleaned with steam treatment systems normally used on the international market.

No drying process

Conventional high moisture steam treatments wet the product and require a drying step in which high temperatures affect the nutritional and sensory qualities of the products.
Steam, saturated and perfectly dry, acts like a gas during the whole sanitizing process cycle, working on   temperature and pressure.
The efficiency of the Biosteam drying process keeps to a minimum moisture increase and water activity parameters after treatment.

No chemicals and irradiation

Biosteam technology employs only steam with no use of chemical products and/or irradiation whatsoever. The water used to produce the steam is softened and treated by inverse osmosis, in order to be pure and  contaminant-free.
In addition, all equipment and materials used for water treatment are certified by the manufacturer to prove no risk of contamination of the steam. In each cycle, steam is cooled and condensed into water and properly disposed of, thus avoiding any kind of possible re-use.

Steam-treated organic products

The steam treatment technology BIOSTEAM is perfectly suitable for organic spices, as it requires no chemical. Webb James is an official biological operator, member of the control system.

Tested and validated process

The Biosteam system has been successfully tested and applied to industrial processing for over 10 years, successfully preserving microbiological and organoleptic features.
Webb James’ experience has been constantly gained either on its own spices and herbs or on many others clients’ products (including some officinal herbs, dried mushrooms, psyllium, vanilla), which require use of steam cleaning.
Both sanitation plants, in Livorno and in Abu Rawash, have been recently validated by its builder, according to the strictest international standards.
The complex validations procedures performed shall certify the perfect repetition of the cleaning cycles, and  the fulfillment of microbiological results expected for specific treatments.

No cross contamination

Cross contamination is prevented as all products are treated in individual cotton or multilayer paper sealed bags, specifically designed for the treatment.
The packages are checked every year and guaranteed to verify any release of unwanted substances to the product during the steam treatment. The cell system is completely made of AISI 316 polished stainless steel, an expensive material suitable for food.
Designed for pharmaceutical industry, the cell is extremely easy to clean, also thanks to great attention to details (such as the rounded corners).
Other plants for steam sanitization on the market, especially if designed for the processing of a single product in a continuous cycle, are conversely difficult to clean, and a source of possible risk of cross contamination.