Dry Saturated Steam

Dry Saturated Steam

vapore_2_120Treatment in a vacuum with perfectly dry saturated steam is by far the healthiest and most reliable to ensure food safety. It does not require the use of chemical and/or radioactive substances, does not wet the product and unlike other steam using systems, eliminates the need of the drying process which may cause significant loss of ”magic of spices” or their colour, essential oils and aroma, thus badly altering their organoleptic characteristics.

In cases of extended microbiological contamination of raw materials, the system can reach very high temperatures (over 110 ° C and potentially up to the temperature of real sterilization), in a very short time to guarantee the greater preservation of the products’ organoleptic characteristics.

Webb James saturated steam sterilization process  is by  Biosteam Swiss company: they assembled a unique plant for spices in Italy especially for us , so  our herbs keep their aroma when cooking and are also safe. per noi un impianto unico per le spezie in Italia, così che le nostre erbe aromatiche in cucina mantengono inalterato il loro aroma e sono altresì sicure.