Spices, great friends when on a diet

Those who love spicy food can not help but know that, other than being tasty and being healthy to the organism, spices also keep us in shape. They stimulate metabolism and allow us to eat very yummy dishes, and they aren’t fat condiments.

le spezie fanno bene

The main spices that keep us in shape are: cumin, perfect for reducing food fermentation when they contain too much sugar and yeast, and also perfect for reducing abdominal swelling; ginger, which reduces cellulite and bloating and helps cleansing; cardamom, which has slimming properties that stimulate metabolism.

Turmeric is excellent in many recipes, it can be used in risottos, for example, and helps to stop the accumulation of fats. Risotto+turmeric=less calories compared to risotto+oil or risotto+butter. Saffron is very often combined with first course dishes, it is a spice that stimulates metabolism and digestion, as well as being very good and tasty. Saffron can be used both for salty and for sweet dishes. When in doubt, go for saffron.