The market situation regarding aromatic herbs, spices and seeds

We hereby update You on the market situation of some products, such as aromatic herbs, spices and seeds of Mediterranean origin. Due to extreme droughts and high temperatures that have occurred in recent weeks, and are still present throughout the mentioned area, there have been major decreases in production and consequently a substantial increase in prices.

At the moment, the updated prices aren’t available due to holidays in the production countries (Ramadan); we will update You in the next days when we will obtain them.

We take this opportunity to inform You that the trend to decrease the price of nutmeg and mace also seems to have ended.

In the last few days there has been an inversion of trend with prices gradually increasing, foreseeing that this trend may continue until the arrival of the new harvest goods expected in the next months of December / January.

Our sales office is at Your disposal for any other information You may need.