Methyl Yellow / Butter Yellow Coloring Alarm

We received from the Aiipa (Italian Food Products Association) a document regarding the Methyl Yellow / Butter Yellow coloring alarm.

Curry powder, as well as turmeric powder, paprika powder, spicy chili powder/crushed, are subject to the requirements of the Decision of the European Commission of the 20th of June 2003 containing emergency measures for red pepper and the derived products and the subsequent Decisions of the European Commission.

We inform you that the curry powder we sell is produced entirely in our factories in Livorno, we follow an old English recipe we purchased, grinding and/or mixing individual ingredients already analyzed.

At the end of the production each batch of curry has been analyzed for 18 illegal colorants:

Butter Yellow/Methyl Yellow
Fast Garnet GBC
Orange II
Metanil Yellow
Para Red
Rhodamine B
Sudan I
Sudan II
Sudan III
Sudan IV
Sudan Red B
Sudan Orange G
Sudan Red G
Sudan Red 7B
Sudan Black B
Toluidine Red

If you have purchased our product, the examinations have always been sent by e-mail to the addresses you have provided and in paper form attached to the transport document.

Webb James Srl